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Monday, October 27, 2008

catching up!!!!

well let me take a breather before i jump in to a long story......wwwwhhhhheeeewwww.
Well two weekends ago Rod and I along with Luke, Erin and the ladies and gent went to the pumpkin patch. Jill, Robert and Abigail (sorry if i spelled incorrectly) accompanied us as well. We had a great time working out way through the corn maze. For my parents who would want to know this information, they changed the multiple choice questions to funny pictures like: a pig taking a bath and the answer would have been hogwash! it was quite cute and it almost gave us something to look forward to in the maze. Once Rod, Amber, Ava and I saw the finish line we raced...Rod coming in first, I came in second, Amber third and little Ava was fourth- only because all the others were last! Hee Hee! The farm had created a fun house type of "ride". they had a large shed with one of those spinning tubes inside. Instead of someone walking on the spinning part they made a bridge that stood still while the tube spun. Needless to say when Ava and I walked through I felt as though I was going to fall over!! It was fun!!!! Ava was a little scared but once I picked her up she liked it! She is so cute!!!! We were sad that Eva, Dave and little emmie couldnt come! I think they would have enjoyed it!

We left the pumpkin farm and returned back to Luke and Erins for dinner and a football game. Rod and I came home from an eventful day with our family and rested. We woke up the next day and Rod was sick for a couple of hours and that Sunday night I woke up with the flu....not exciting but it was bound to happen with all the poeple I work with! I spent the next two days resting and trying to feel better. My Roddy brought me some theraflu and peppermint tea! On the second day I was able to eat some soup and felt up to making Rod some BBQ ribs. My most successful dish have been my ribs! I didnt eat them but Rod ate through them!!!!

We show our appreciation to Luke and Erin for giving us one of their dining tables. We have yet to pick it up, but we will soon have it and be able to envite them over. Not having a dining table is hard to have people over!!! But soon and very soon we will be eating off of a real table!!!! yay!!!!

This weekend we helped a young lady move ot of her apartment with the church. We had a good time helping those around us. Afterwards we were so pooped we came home and crashed. Later we did laundry (most likely 3-4 weeks worth). Then we went to church on Sunday and we had a cookout for Mother Watson! We had steak, sweet potatos and so on! Very yummy!

Here we are today now watching The Sword in The Stone! Rod said he love this when he was a boy and I had not seen it in a while so we rented it and now we are watching it!!!!!!

love you all!!!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

today is great!

I am at home enjoying my weekend and just thought i would update everyone!!! here is a pictured of my knitting project, i started it over becuase the scarf was too short so i am making it longer! i will put the finished result up!

there is nothing really going on except for my funny story of fried chicken.

I found this recipe online from Paula Deen for fried chicken. I followed the recipe until i got to the part where i needed 1 cup of salt....one cup of salt?? well seeing that i have never made fried chicken before and that paula deen must know what she is doing i followed the recipe!!! haha that chicken was so salty-i felt bad for rod because he ate it, yuk! so next time when paula deen says to use 1 cup of salt i wont!!!! hehee! i think it was a typo--i hope!!

work is great here, nothing new or exciting. sometimes i dont know what to write on here....nothing really goes on here. I guess i lead a boring life!