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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

good afternoon america!

well to all those fans of mine here is the new scoop! Rod and I are enjoying the married life- i didnt think i would say this but i like to cook!!! some times it can be relaxing and mind clearing! it allows me to get all my thoughts processed from that day.
we had a great weekend with both families. On friday i spent time with erin and amber,ava and andrew. We had a good time just chatting and catching up. then on friday night we met up with one of our couple friends, they have been married for three years and can give us some advice but it is nice to be around poeple who have things in common with us. We also ate dinner at Dustin and Kim's apartment (rods sister and brother-in-law). We celebrated the Kempers (rods parents) 27th anniversary! that was nice. Other than that we have not really done much. We are trying to get our apartment clean, but with work and other activities such as church and cooking and all those good married things we hardly get anything done. We do a little every night- what seems to be a pile that should go away over the days, somehow it gets bigger!! not my intentions at all!!!! AHHHHH!!!
Thanks to my sister erin we have a coffee table/eating table! we used it last night for the first time and enjoyed the fact that we didnt have to sit hot plates on our laps or worry about spilling our drinks on the carpet!!! so thank you erin!!! Thanks to my family for helping me move in, i know i did not write cards yet but i wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and helping us out. Thank you mom and dad for coming- it was beautiful ceremony with you both there. I love you and miss you. Thank you to eva and david- and baby too! all the good times and help is appreciated. And with out any further ado i thank erin and luke for letting me settle in their basement room for a year! as well as all the other amenities provided for me as well. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

now what is everyone doing for the big 4th of july????? i think rod and i are going to go to stone mtn and then i think we are doing something this weekend...im not sure!
i would like a detailed report on everyones 4th of july...even if you didnt do anything!!! heehee

i forgot some people on my thank you list. THank you kim, puala, and elyse for coming to my wedding. I did not invite a lot of people but it was special to have you all there. Thank you!!!

well, i cant think of anything else that would possibly be going on but when i remember i will update my blog!!!!!!

love you all!