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Friday, March 13, 2009

silly me!!

well let me start off by saying i was quite jealous of my hubby! He had the week off and what was nice and relaxing for him was not so much for me!!!! I was happy for him to be off but it was totally not fair that he got to stay home! I am thankful because I have a great husband, who when he does not have to work he still drives me into work and picks me up! who would do that? I think if i had the week off i wouldn't do that but it makes me happy and proud to have such a loving husband!

This week was a little hard for me due to the time change. Even though rod drove me into work i was still sleepy! For example.... i think it was Tuesday. We drove into work as normal except when we got to work the person who unlocks the office was not there yet. So rod and i just waited in the car! Well as we were waiting i decided to do my nails. I went to throw something out of the car with my left hand. As i was tossing out the particles with my left hand, i was going to roll the window up with my right! Now here comes the real funny part.....With my left hand i felt this weird and strange sensation that my arm was hurting, as i looked down at my right hand i realized that i was rolling up my arm in the window and at the point i put two and two together and released my finger from the UP button. WOW, was i not awake! NO obviously not! So from that point on i went in to work with a sad arm and sleepy mind! When i told the girls at work they just laughed at me! i was having a clumsy day! So from now on i declare that i will not throw things out of the window with my left arm...only my right!!! that will avoid any unnecessary rolling up of windows on my behalf!
Rod could only look at me in amazement and didn't know whether to laugh or be concerned!! ha ha!

Even though that happened i am wonderful and am very happy rod got to rest this week!
I enjoy coming home now with the sun still up! i feel more energized to clean and cook, the weary winter evenings left me feeling BLAH! i didn't want to do anything except cuddle under the covers! So yay to the sun for being out at night, You make me happy! Other than that i have not done much...lets see if the weekend is good too!

snow day!!!

well here are a couple of pictures i took on our snow day two sundays ago! It was very nice to see the snow and how a bit of a winter touch! I think our winter came late so it was pretty neat to see the snow around this time! Rod and i enjoyed the day by simply dining in and watching the snow fall! Look and see how beautiful it was!!!