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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today is Wednesday and I am excited for what the weekend holds! This Friday i will be making dinner for the kempers and the sellers. I am not sure what i am going to make but i do know i want it to be Swedish!
Rods parents are very kind, i cant wait for my family to meet them! Today i am going to venture out to Kay's ; i think they did not size my ring correctly!
I am starting to get nervous about next week. My job told me that have until the 26th or they will let me go! I have applied and called lots of people and companies but i have not yet gotten a reply. All i can do is hope that someone will contact me at the last minute! IF they don't ill just get a silly job until i get a real job! I am looking into going to school in the summer or in the fall for medical assisting!

This week Erin and I went through the attic and found some goodies: pots and pans, silverware, grandma's china and bake ware! i am ecstatic for this means i don't have to buy a lot of things for our apartment! I also went to K-mart for a simple errand and in doing so i found some beautiful lavender sheets! My plan is to have brown bedding with lavender, green and caramel sheets to go along with the chocolate brown! my mom and i saw a cute plate set a while back! I recently went to Pier One and saw that they were pretty cheap.....but not cheap enough for me to convince myself they were!!!!! I am bummed but that is okay! they would not have gone with everything! Maybe one day ill have a nice stone set instead! they are so pretty and i have always loved looking at my moms collections! The Blues, Yellows, Reds, Creams...and Green! They are very pretty!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday the Good Day!

Well today is Friday the 11th of Jan. It is my middle sisters birthday today...So i called at 8:41 am and no answer of course!!! I sang a lovely song of Happy Birthday and had a wonderful time doing so!

Today is going to be exciting! I am going to do several loads of laundry and get a few things organized! Sounds like fun huh!?
Rod and I have planned a trip tomorrow, we are going to marrietta to pick up a tv for his apartment and then some lights for his truck. I am not sure what else there is planned after that, i think that will take a lot of time!

On Wednesday i cooked dinner for the sellers and myself! We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables! The meal was not very exciting but it was pretty good! I want to plan my next dinner and use up the rest of the chicken i had purchased last. I could make Mexican casserole or .....i think that will be what i make!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


today i am tired, and i dont really want to go into work today! I signed up with a temp agency...not very exciting. I am looking into going to school in the summer or in the fall for medical assisting.
I am currently waiting for my parents to come back to america and can not wait. Things will get better