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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today is Wednesday and I am excited for what the weekend holds! This Friday i will be making dinner for the kempers and the sellers. I am not sure what i am going to make but i do know i want it to be Swedish!
Rods parents are very kind, i cant wait for my family to meet them! Today i am going to venture out to Kay's ; i think they did not size my ring correctly!
I am starting to get nervous about next week. My job told me that have until the 26th or they will let me go! I have applied and called lots of people and companies but i have not yet gotten a reply. All i can do is hope that someone will contact me at the last minute! IF they don't ill just get a silly job until i get a real job! I am looking into going to school in the summer or in the fall for medical assisting!

This week Erin and I went through the attic and found some goodies: pots and pans, silverware, grandma's china and bake ware! i am ecstatic for this means i don't have to buy a lot of things for our apartment! I also went to K-mart for a simple errand and in doing so i found some beautiful lavender sheets! My plan is to have brown bedding with lavender, green and caramel sheets to go along with the chocolate brown! my mom and i saw a cute plate set a while back! I recently went to Pier One and saw that they were pretty cheap.....but not cheap enough for me to convince myself they were!!!!! I am bummed but that is okay! they would not have gone with everything! Maybe one day ill have a nice stone set instead! they are so pretty and i have always loved looking at my moms collections! The Blues, Yellows, Reds, Creams...and Green! They are very pretty!


Luke & Erin said...

I tagged you to do a survey in my blog. You will have to copy & paste it to put it on your blog. :-)